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The Yalang A Lang Journey

Yalang A Lang Jewels is entirely ran by Chelsea, each piece is handmade from scratch by hand with recycled sterling silver built long term for any condition and environment, from ocean paddlers to land dwellers. Chelsea makes her unique jewellery, thoughtfully from either her Bellbrae studio or in her van somewhere in nature while on her explorations and adventures. 

Chelsea Macague, the designer, maker & owner of Yalang A Lang Jewels grew up travelling Australia, falling in love with the natural beauties of mother earth, the vast oceans, majestic mountains, waterfalls & ever changing landscapes. Chelsea's six collections draw inspiration from her nature-filled travels, each reflecting a distinct journey she's experienced. The designs in each collection tell a story and encourage the wearers soul to shine, to get into nature and embrace adventures while also advocating for positive environmental change.

Yalang A Lang Jewels begun as a school project over 12 years ago, the creations have grown immensely throughout her journey, from school project to Australia wide jeweller. For the past 4 years Chelsea has lived in her home on wheels exploring Australia, making & selling her range at markets all across the country, before arriving back home on the Victorian Surf Coast