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The Yalang A Lang Journey

Handmade and designed nature inspired Jewellery created with recycled sterling silver and gems of sea glass collected from the beaches of Australia. Chelsea, the creator & owner of Yalang A Lang Jewels draws inspiration from her time spent travelling the natural beauties of the world and wandering coastlines. All jewellery is handmade from scratch with recycled sterling silver by Chelsea in Australia, whether from her van studio while parked up in nature or at her Surf Coast based studio in Victoria.

She endeavours to create as environmentally friendly as possible & her seaglass collecting is assisting in the clean up of our beaches. Her collections with spiritual meanings include the Wildflower, Ocean, Tidal, Outback, Beachcomber & Mountain Collection. Within these collections you will find jewellery inspired by her journeys, crated to encourage exploration, growth and discovery in nature. Swirling shapes, patterns & simplistic designs are reflected into Chelsea’s work to create meaningful pieces of jewellery unique as the wearer.