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Wildflower Collection

May jewellery within this collection remind you to be the vibrant energy those surrounding you will be grateful for. Wildflowers in nature bring colourful positive energy upon to all those who truly embrace their surroundings during a hike in the wilderness. May we learn from the ability of a living organism to repetitively bloom in a challenging environment. Simply by becoming grounded, looking within for a source of love & absorbing mother nature’s elements. Upon every glace at your jewellery from within this collection remind yourself to remain grounded and become the beautiful vibrant energy of the present moment.


“From creating daisy chains in the school yard to finding the brightest flowers while waterfall chasing on a Hawaiian island, I have always been in awe of the vibrant colours the magic of mother nature creates. Often in the most hidden places, I have stumbled across blooming flowers, between rocks in the direct sunlight, in places it sometimes snows, & in places rainfall is rare. I have created this collection drawing on inspiration from my travels around the world, hiking through the elements and noticing the vibrant speckles along the way. May pieces from within this collection be worn as a reminder to venture outdoors & notice even the smaller vibrant energies within nature. Wear as a token of your appreciation of the untouched natural beauties scattered on earth, to remain grounded & to bloom positively.”

With love & gratitude – Chelsea, Yalang A Lang Jewels (Creator, hand maker & founder)


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