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Tidal Collection

Let the tides fluidity flow into your heart, encouraging kindness towards mother nature, yourself & all those who you meet. Reminding you to flow with the waves of life, to be become fluid in motion, while finding your gentle soul amongst the vast sea. Embracing love, sharing love and beaming love from within. May this collection bring you gentle flowing energy upon every glance. Wear with love and share the beauty you hold. Let the high tide drift inward bringing you loving vibes. Dance, yogi, wander, swim & explore while wearing jewellery from within this collection to encourage your body to fill with love while moving to the beat of your heart.


“Handmade with a whole lot of love, I have created this range to assist you to embrace the love you have within & to encourage your flow state to shine. I’ve always being amazed the the fluidity of water, whether that be the current of the river where I once grew up, the falling waterfalls, still lakes, clear icey creeks or rolling beaches I have visited on my travels. Natures ability to hold space for such waterways, for the land surrounding to become smoothly moulded intrigues me. Recently I have being on a journey within, diving into the world of yoga, allowing myself to lovingly bring movement, to flow and to release tension stored has benefiting me immensely. Upon reflection I have created this collection to inspire you to move your body gently, to invite love & flow to your soul, whether exploring the wonders of nature or on your mat. May I share the love I have emended into each and every piece throughout the making process.”

With love & gratitude -  Chelsea, Yalang A Lang Jewels Creator, hand maker & founder)


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