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Tidal Collection

Let the tides of life open your heart to drift you towards love. Allow gentle flow in your daily life. May you wear jewellery from within this collection to remind you to welcome love inwards & to flow, whether on your yoga mat or wandering in the wilderness.

Handmade with a whole lot of love, I have created this range to assist you to embrace the love you have within & to encourage your flow state to shine. I’ve always been amazed by the movement of water, whether that be the current of the river where I grew up, the falling waterfalls, lakes, icey creeks or rolling beaches I have visited on my travels. It always intrigued me how nature has the ability to hold space for these waterways, how the land surrounding the water smoothly moulded itself perfectly. I have recently being diving into the world of yoga, flowing through a sequence of postures to release tension mentally & physically. I have created this collection to inspire you to move your body gently & to invite love in, whether exploring the wonders of nature or on your yoga mat. May I share the love I have infused into each and every piece throughout the creative process.”

 Flow with life's waves, find freedom in motion, and embrace gentleness amid the vast sea. Let this collection infuse you with gentle energy, reminding you to move harmoniously through life. Wear these pieces with love, share their beauty, and let high tides bring love, calmness, and clarity inward. Dance, practice yoga, wander, swim, and explore with this jewellery, encouraging your body to fill with love as you move with life's flow.


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