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Outback Collection

Created to encourage endurance & persistence along each path. Embrace the dirt road less travelled, for the most challenging places to access hold nature’s most empowering beauty. May jewellery worn from within this collection remind you to endure alike the remote land and outback communities.


"Having traveled to remote parts of Australia since childhood, learning from the locals, listening to campfire stories under the stars, swimming in natural gorges, and playing in the red dirt, I feel fortunate. On my most recent journey through Northern Territory and Western Australia, exploring some of the country's most rugged landscapes, I learned about the power of persistence and the enduring nature of both the land and local elders. It's astonishing that many people may never have the opportunity to visit true outback communities to learn about their utmost endurance and see the beauty of the untouched wilderness. I have created this collection to inspire you to travel far and wide, to take the path less traveled, to learn the local way, and to remind you to be persistent and endure through whatever challenges life brings."

Let the outback's enduring persistence, from drought to floods, inspire your soul to endure through life's challenges, whether navigating dusty corrugations or flowing streams. May you traverse rugged landscapes, letting the red dirt become your tan line, gazing at the night sky, and savoring nature's spectacle. The hammered textures, rugged edges, star constellations, and hints of copper in this collection serve as reminders to persist in every endeavor. Embrace new destinations, follow dirt roads, and respect Mother Earth and indigenous wisdom, leaving only footprints behind.

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