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Ocean Collection

Wear jewellery within this collection as reminder to your soul to be persistent in finding strength and embracing your harmonious power. Keep riding the waves of life, finding strength to overcome challenges, to trust that the next swell will bring is exactly what is needed. In times when it feels as though you’re going backwards in a rip know that you’re about to be returned stronger than ever. Ride each wave with joy, respect the ocean and the journey it brings you.

Wear as a token of gratitude towards our planet’s largest natural beauty, the ocean. Taking every opportunity to immerse yourself in the salty cleansing strength & power it offers your spirit. May your adventures be filled with sandy feet & free flowing salty breezes overlooking natures strongest power as far as the horizon.

‘I have created this collection drawing on inspiration from travelling, wandering coastlines barefoot since I was a child. Swimming in the ocean even when it makes me numb and always being absolutely amazed by the strength and power within the calming blue sea. As a child I would spend hours staring upon the horizon, drawing pictures in the sand, drifting with the waves as I floated in the ocean. To this day its much the same although I have grown to learn and appreciate the power and clarity the ocean offers our souls, whether immersed or simply listening to the waves, natures power leaves me feeling empowered to achieve, amongst many other benefits a dip in the ocean can offers us. Whichever ocean you’re led to please ensure no trace is left, leaving the natural beauty clean for the rest of the world to enjoy far into the future.’

Upon every glance may your chosen piece of jewellery from this collection remind you to embrace your inner strength & power to shine beyond the horizon even in the strongest swell.

With love & gratitude - Chelsea, Yalang A Lang Jewels Creator, hand maker & founder) 

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