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Beachcomber collection

Created to encourage you to travel far & wide both within your soul & around the globe to find hidden treasures. Share your unique storyline & your treasures. May you be the traveller beaming with confidence exploring mysterious wonders of the world while wearing jewellery from within this collection.

In order to minimise waste and return our ocean to its original pristine conditions, I convert ocean debris such as seaglass to beauty for you to express to the world. As a stand to say, “I care about the ocean”. Looking back my creative expressions since preschool have regularly been created with objects I have found, whether it be ‘waste’ or natural foliage. My passion for repurposing has grown stronger as I have learnt about the impacts the pollution is currently having on the environment. Upon picking seaglass up from beaches around the world, the mystery of how, why, who & when has taken my imagination into a spiral often creating my own story to treasure each piece. Each individual item has its own story about where I have handpicked the particular seaglass from, allowing me to share with you a part of its journey. May you travel far & wide both within your soul and around the globe wearing jewellery from the beachcomber collection expressing your unique self with beaming confidence.

Embark on a journey beyond the horizon, exploring nature's wonders and uncovering treasures within. Return as a passionate storyteller, radiating confidence with new concepts. Each piece features seaglass, a unique and well-traveled ocean gem. Seaglass, once disposed of as waste into the ocean, tells a story of years spent tumbling and shaping beneath the sea, waiting to be discovered as treasure on the shoreline. Let the seaglass in this collection inspire you to reduce environmental impact, travel, and share unique journeys. Wear jewellery confidently to express your views on ocean pollution and promote awareness for a sustainable planet Earth.

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