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Swirly bubble necklace on 60cm chain
Swirly bubble necklace on 60cm chain

Swirly bubble necklace on 60cm chain

Yalang A Lang Jewels
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Handmade along the Victorian surf coast using recycled sterling silver drawing on inspiration from Chelseas many wanderings along waterways.

This necklace is included in the Tidal collection, read the full inspiration and spiritual connection here.

‘Upon reflection I have created this collection to inspire you to move your body gently, to invite love & flow to your soul, whether exploring the wonders of nature or on your mat. May I share the love I have emended into each and every piece throughout the making process.’

Each piece created by Yalang A Lang Jewels will have attached the location of where the sea glass was found, packaged ready to gift. A perfect gift for an ocean wander, a traveller, a lover or a gift to remember the ocean.

Exclusive - This necklace will be delivered exactly the same as pictured, individually created & unique as you are. There is only one available of this piece so you’ll know exactly which piece you’re receiving. 

Entirely handmade & designed on the Victorian Surf coast using:

Australian recycled sterling silver

If you’d prefer a different length chain please get in touch, Chelsea may be able to swap it for you