Cloudy peaks stud earrings
Cloudy peaks stud earrings
Cloudy peaks stud earrings
Cloudy peaks stud earrings

Cloudy peaks stud earrings

Yalang A Lang Jewels
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Handmade along by Chelsea using recycled sterling silver, Individually made with the mountains on her mind as inspiration. This piece is included in the ‘Mountain Collection’ click here to read about the spiritual meaning & inspiration.

Ready to be alongside you on all your coastal adventures. Ideal as a gift for those who have shared memories of the beach, a coastal wanderer, an environmentally passionate mate or someone after a simply unique pair of earrings.

Exclusive – These earrings will be delivered exactly the same as pictured, individually created & unique as you are. There is only one available on this listing so you’ll know exactly what you’re receiving. Browse through the earrings tab to find others which may be similar.

Each piece created by Yalang A Lang Jewels will be packaged ready to gift.

Entirely handmade & designed on the Victorian Surf coast using: Australian recycled sterling silver



The mountain Collection: 

Find your feet, be the solid rock your soul desires, build a base, aim for the clouds till you reach the purest air, absorb the stability you can always find within. May the mountain collection remind you to find stability, even if the world you’re familiar with seems to be crumbling around you. Be as fierce as the mountains, find courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, finding stable ground at every peak. The majestic mountains are calling, courage is within us all.

“From Yosemite National park, the Canadian Rockies and the Victorian Grampians; no matter the climate, they’re all fierce, majestic natural wonders of mother earth. I have had the privilege of exploring & hiking some tremendous mountain ranges around the globe. Although so far above sea level with my head literally in the clouds the sense of stability is as gigantic as the rock structures surrounding me. The journey to the peak is often sweaty, full of courage but the reward of such majestic views is ever so amazing. Taking time to breathe at the peak and realise the journey was full of a lot more ups than downs, both figuratively and literally. Upon reflection of my time spent in the mountains, I’ve realised its generally when my life is full of courage, but the mountains are the place where I find my stability while enduring living on the road or out of a backpack. May this collection encourage you to explore the mountains, leaving nothing but your footprints and finding courage, stability & memories.”
With love & gratitude - Chelsea, Yalang A Lang Jewels Creator, hand maker & founder)