Blue seaglass swirl necklace on your choice of cord or silver chain

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Handmade along Chelsea while travelling Australia using recycled sterling silver and hand collected sea glass. Individually swirled with sterling silver to enhance the glass shape the oceans force has naturally created.

‘Created to encourage you to travel far & wide both within your soul & around the globe to find hidden treasures. Share your unique storyline while creating awareness for the future of our environment. May you be the traveller beaming with confidence exploring mysterious wonders of the world while wearing jewellery from within this collection.’

This necklace is apart of the Beachcomber collection to read more about the spiritual meaning & inspiration please click here

Each piece created by Yalang A Lang Jewels will have attached the location of where the sea glass was found, packaged ready to gift. A perfect gift for an ocean wander, a traveller, a lover or a gift to remember the ocean.

Seaglass comes in all shapes, sizes and shades of colour, Chelsea hand finds it along the shoreline and doesn’t alter the shape or colour at all. By ordering this piece you will receive a very unique necklace, with the size of glass and wrapping of silver always different. Each piece is individual, handmade & unique. Therefore when ordering this item please note it will be slightly different to the item in the photos. Once ordering please contact Chelsea here if you would like to request your seaglass necklace is from a particular beach or the size of the seaglass.



Choose your necklace:

Cord (Black or brown) Cotton cord with a slip knot for an easily adjustable necklace. Chain (45cm or 60cm) Recycled sterling silver chain. Choose between 45cm length (generally on centre of chest) and 60cm length (generally below t shirt line).If you would like a custom length chain or different variation in cord please contact me.


Entirely handmade & designed by Chelsea Macague using:

Australian recycled sterling silver

Seaglass handpicked by Chelsea